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The annual Verbier Art Summit connects thought leaders to key figures in the art world and creates a platform for discourse, innovation and change in a non-transactional context. It is an independent initiative organised by the non-profit Verbier | Art Untold Association in partnership with a yearly rotating international museum director. The Summit’s annual meeting takes place in January in an inspirational environment: Verbier, Switzerland.

Inspiring Ideas

The Verbier Art Summit programme educates, provokes and inspires its members and the wider community. The morning Art Debates take place in small groups of max. 25 members, whereby each stakeholder group is duly represented, ensuring new insights will be generated. The afternoon Art Talks are open to all members and also to the general public, providing all art lovers with a one-off chance to be inspired by international leading art world figures on topical issues.

Connecting Thinkers

Participants of the Verbier Art Summit range from international private and corporate collectors, to museum directors, curators, art historians, art critics, gallerists, art consultants, and the general public. While the full programme is by invitation only, the general public is invited to attend the keynote lectures and special events for free. 

Taking in the View

Verbier, at an altitude of 1500m and with its stunning views across the Swiss Alps, is a unique venue for an Art Summit. Isolated from the distractions of urban life and inspired by the abundant natural beauty, people can share ideas, socialise and network whilst enjoying the sun and snow in the largest ski area of Switzerland. 

Sharing Insight

The key insights of each year's Summit is documented in a publication designed by Irma Boom, and the outcome of the Summit is made available to students and other global art world stakeholders via this website and social media.

Membership Organization 

The Verbier Art Summit is an independent initiative organised by the Verbier | Art Untold Association, a non-profit Association located in Verbier, Switzerland

Members of Verbier | Art Untold rank among the leading figures in the art world and play a role in shaping the future of art in their local communities. They include international artists, museum directors, private and corporate collectors, curators, art historians, art critics, gallerists and art consultants, all looking to have a tangible impact on the art world by sharing their ideas and vision. Through their membership, the annual Verbier Art Talks can be realised, a programme whereby the general public can attend free 20-minute Talks by leading artists, museum directors, writers and professors in subjects such as philosophy. Attendance of the Verbier Art Summit itself is only open to the Members of Verbier | Art Untold, and includes intimate morning debates, lunches and dinners. 

The foundation of Verbier | Art Untold is formed by a group of Founding Members, most of whom have been involved since the launch party in January 2015 and attended the Verbier Art Summits in 2016 and 2017. These Founding Members are predominantly residents of Verbier (on either a permanent or seasonal basis) and are all intricately involved in art as private collectors, artists or art advisers. They are the ones “hosting” the Verbier Art Summit by inviting art world stakeholders to morning Art Debates, exclusive lunches or dinners, and even providing housing to the keynote speakers in their beautiful chalets.  

Our Honorary Members include Dave Beech, Irma Boom, Benjamin Bratton, HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, Cissie Fu, Rem Koolhaas, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Tobias Madison, Beatrix Ruf, Paul Spies and Tino Sehgal.

All our  Members are guided by a personal and/or professional curiosity to be involved in an engaged and in-depth dialogue in art. They are admitted based on their profile and general involvement in the field of art. They are expected and encouraged to actively participate in the dialogue, question or critically evaluate the set of parameters formulated by the invited key experts, and help cross-pollinate the aims and aspirations of the Summit. Members also contribute an annual membership donation to support our organisation, whereby the established art world generation Members basically provide for the young and upcoming talents. Strategic, Benefactor and Pioneer Membership applications need to be supported by an existing Member, and they will be considered by the Founder and the Board of Advisors. 

If you are interested to join our membership organisation, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .


Surrounded by fellow passionate art lovers in the inspiring Swiss Alps, in 2013, Anneliek Sijbrandij began to envision the creation of an influential international art platform, which would host an annual Art Summit in Verbier. The international Summit would allow the visual arts world to connect generations and continents, to share ideas and vision, and importantly, take place away from the hustle and bustle of art fairs, where the focus has become more and more on the commercial aspects of art rather than the cultural value of art.

In the summer of 2014, Julie Daverio and Marie-Hélène de Torrenté joined forces to help make this vision possible and, together, the three of them founded the Verbier I Art Untold Association, a tax exempt not-for-profit Association headquartered in Verbier, Switzerland.

In 2015, the Board of Advisors was set-up, existing of leading art world figures and Verbier stakeholders. The Board currently includes Pilar Albada Jelgersma, Marlies Cordia, John Slyce, Noepy Testa and Siebe Tettero.


pilar albada jelgersma    Pilar Albada Jelgersma  Board Member

marlies cordia        Marlies Cordia           Board Member 

julie daverio             Julie Daverio               Vice President

anneliek sijbrandijAnneliek Sijbrandij      President 









john slyce              John Slyce                Board Member 

noepy testa             Noepy Testa               Press Officer 

siebe tettero           Siebe Tettero             Board Member

marie helen de torrenteMarie-Hélène de Torrenté     Vice President









Melissa       Melissa Jacobovits      Consultant

Fleur Greebe         Fleur Greebe         Strategy

saraSara Alessandrini  Communications Intern

Alison     Alison Pasquariello       Events Intern